Another Challenge in Finding the Right People to Hire – It’s Never Easy, is It?

Here’s quite the challenge. I was talking to someone in charge of filling 25 positions for a quite demanding job. This is a challenging job, and, like all such jobs, finding enough exceptional candidates is not easy. For this particular job, the only qualified candidates to hire have to have experience in the field. Direct, actual experience. Read More

Christina Rossini in The Millennial Corner – Maximized Life, Ep. 5: The Habits of High Successful People

Christina Rossini in “The Millennial Corner” A Guest Post (note from Randy:  Christina is a participant in our monthly First Friday Book Synopsis, and a high-energy thinker and leader.  Read about her in her LinkedIn page by clicking here). ——————– We’ve all heard the various quips about human behavior: What we focus on expands. Humans are creatures of Read More

Good leadership is so rare, and so very difficult! – Revisiting Simon Sinek’s Start with Why

The role of a leader is to create an environment in which great ideas can happen. Simon Sinek, Start with Why There are true perennial best sellers. These are books that we go back to, and new people discover them, and they just keep selling. There’s a reason for this: these are really important books. Read More

Chilling Insider Trading Saga Breaks the Best-Seller Barrier

Stephen A. Cohen, who was the focus of one of the most intensive insider trader investigation in history, is the subject of a new best-selling business book that debuted at # 3 on the Wall Street Journal best-seller list (January 18-19, 2016, p. C10). The book, Black Edge:  Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest Read More