Customers: Getting them, Keeping them, Adding to their number – this is the constant challenge

Recently, I decided to quit going to a particular restaurant. I like the food. But the service is consistently disappointing; inattentive; getting our orders wrong… So frustrating! And, in this brief description, you learn a bunch. You need a product or service that others will pay for (and, will earn you some profit). This restaurant Read More

Christina Rossini in The Millennial Corner – Maximized Life, Episode 17- Fight Decision Fatigue: Remove the Choices to Save Brain Power

Christina Rossini in “The Millennial Corner” (note from Randy:  Christina is a participant in our monthly First Friday Book Synopsis, and a high-energy thinker and leader.  Read about her at her LinkedIn page by clicking here).     ——————– Do you ever feel exhausted after just a few hours of work, even if working while sedentary? Or totally wiped-out attending Read More

Terrible Trump Book Busts Best-Seller List at # 1

Ivanka Trump‘s new book,  torched its way to the very top of the Wall Street Journal business best-seller list (May 13-14, 2017, p. C12).  It is the first time that I ever remember a book debuting on the list at #1.  The book is entitled Women Who Work:  Rewriting the Rules for Success (New York:  Read More