Get the Basics Right — thoughts on Why We host the First Friday Book Synopsis

I’m reading books that remind me to be sure to get the basics right.  After reminders to understand just why you are in business — to make your reason clear to all — I wrote the following description of why I host the First Friday Book Synopsis, our monthly event, in Dallas, now in our 22nd. year. Here’s  my latest description: Read More

Revisiting a key Lesson from Drive by Daniel Pink – Autonomy and the Critical Necessity of Self-Direction

In his book Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink, he posits that there are three essential elements of successful intrinsic motivation (motivation that comes from within, not from “without”). The three are: Autonomy Mastery Purpose And, although he is high on all three, he seems to especially emphasize Autonomy, and the quality of Read More

The Industries of the Future by Alec Ross – Here are my Five Lessons and Takeaways

People have always had to adjust their work-life plans to the industries, and the geographies, that need workers. The world of work has grown ever larger; broader; far-stretching.  The Industries of the Future will be different from the industries of yesteryear. What will those industries be? How will we get ready?  Answering such questions correctly Read More

The Best Business Books and their Recurring Themes – (Challenges for every business)

I read books.  Especially business books. Over the course of the 21 years of the First Friday Book Synopsis, we have presented synopses of 504 business books.  There have been plenty of medium-to-good books, a few great books, and a handful of not-so-great books. But, after all these years, I have come to understand that Read More

Here is the April, 2019 list of Best Selling Business Books from the New York Times – Bad Blood at #1; Dare to Lead by Brené Brown close behind

The New York Times has published its list of best selling business books for April, 2019.  Bad Blood, the story of Theranos, is at the top.  This is getting the multimedia treatment, with a documentary now available on one of the streaming services, and a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence on the way. We are intrigued Read More