Here Are A Number of My Blog Posts Dealing with Speaking/Presentation and Communication Issues – (frequently updated)

I teach Speech, lead Presentation Skills Training Sessions, and write frequently on speaking and communication issues.

Here are a number of my blog posts dealing with speaking/presentation and communication issues. They are in no particular order, except I think the first two (ok — maybe the first three) might be the “read these first” posts.

The obvious point – it takes constant attention, and perpetual learning, to become an excellent speaker.

(Note:  for some reason, my editing formatting is not allowing me to double space between each post.  So, my apology for the inconsistency below).

Here are the posts (all with clickable links):


2 Ways to Guarantee a Failed Presentation

Eight Essentials of Good Speaking – A Speech Primer

Arouse and Fulfill – Formula For Effective Presentations (wise counsel from Dr. Tom Hollihan, the USC Annenberg School)

Why Story Matters – The Power of Mythos, the Shared Story, A Powerful Tool for Persuasion

Does Your Audience Find You Trustworthy? — 4 Components Of Ethos


Communicate: Just Communicate – 8 Communication Musts for the Modern Organization

Do You Communicate Clearly? Words that Work may be Lesson # 2

Four Ways You Can Fail to Communicate

Four Communication Expectations — Never Violate These

Present Like Steve Jobs – Insight from Carmine Gallo (with video)

Hillary Clinton, the Master of Repetition and Parallel Structure – Your Communication Tip of the Day

Don’t Mumble – Your Communication Tip of the Day (One Reason why Todd Bradley is not the CEO of HP)

Joaquin Phoenix grabs Johnny Cash’s Guitar by the Neck – Your Communication (your Speaking) Tip of the Day

“Finish with Power” -The Presentation Tip of the Day (from the Great Bill Monroe)

Two Tips To Help You Improve Your Gestures When You Speak

Every Speaker Should Remember the “Cynthia Test” – Does Your Audience Understand the Words and Phrases You Use?

Always Remember Your Multiple Audiences

Communication is Ambiguous; Inevitable; Unrepeatable; Irreversible — Yep!

Never Speak with your Back to the Audience – One of Three Use-of-Powerpoint Suggestions

A Set of PowerPoint Slides is NOT a “presentation” – a rant  

Look Your Audience In The Eye; Never Speak In A Monotone; Be You – Your Communication Tips Of The Day

Speakers Need Visual Cues to Help Them Speak With Verbal Punch, Avoiding the Dreaded Monotone

Have you Gotten Any Better – at ______? How About at Communicating with Your People?

“The Rule of Seventeen” – If you Want to Get Your Message Across & Accepted, Repeat, and Repeat and…..

The Three Questions for Every Speaker – (With Apologies to Peter Drucker)

The Centrality of Story; no, Make that the Centrality of “Storytelling” – Insight from Geoff Colvin, Humans are Underrated

“Appear Strong” from the Beginning – Your Presentation Skills Tip of the Day from Comedian Jim Gaffigan

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