Expertise is Essential – Expertise in one area is not enough

expert skill or knowledge in a particular field.
the skill of an expert


So, think back. You trained for a career. You developed a base of knowledge, and you worked hard within your knowledge area. You developed serious, deep expertise. The kind of expertise that others respect, and count on. You are the go-to person in your key area.

That’s great. It’s essential. Be justly proud.

It’s not enough…

I recently visited with a person who works with a pretty impressive group; folks from a common arena. They are the best, the very best, at what they do. But they are all struggling – not with their own “narrow” expertise, but with marketing their expertise. The marketing approaches are changing so rapidly that finding the right next customer is a perpetual, and deepening challenge.

There are other such challenges.

With information overload, we need to get better at time management. The old ways of managing our time may not work quite as well as they once did.

With so many new forms of and approaches to collaboration, our own approaches to team participation need to be upgraded. Perpetually, it seems.

With new apps, new software, new technology upgrades, we are all perpetual “newbies.” (Read this earlier blog post: In a World of Perpetual Newbies, we all must join the Perpetual Learners Group – insight from Kevin Kelly’s The Inevitable, & thoughts on learning organizations). We are in continual need of developing greater expertise using our modern technology.


In other words, expertise in one area is no longer enough. (When was it enough?)

So, we can never coast. There are new challenges before us all the time. We have new expertise to develop, even as we stay current in our primary area of expertise.

If we are not true life-long learners, we will soon find ourselves in serious trouble!

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