You Can Be a Better Speaker! – Executive Public Speaking Workshop; Friday, August 23, 2019

Executive Public Speaking 2019Every failed presentation fails in one of two ways:  the presentation had little or nothing worthwhile to say; or, even if the content was worthwhile, then it was delivered very, very poorly.
Would you like to deliver successful presentations?  It is simple (not easy – just simple) – just have something really worthwhile and useful to say, and then say it very, very well.
Randy Mayeux, 2 Ways to Guarantee a Failed Presentation (click her to read the full article)


Come join us for our
Executive Public Speaking
Friday, August 23, 2019 – Click here to Register

Picture yourself up in front of a group to speak.  Maybe a small group at work; maybe a much larger group, in a sales presentation; at a conference. Do you know how to fully prepare?  Do you know how to deliver your message in a way that captures the audience fully; in a way that brings agreement with your message, and results in deeper trust in you as a speaker?

I can help.

On August 23, I will lead a fast-paced workshop on Executive Public Speaking.  You will learn some basics, and beyond.

My graduate work was in Communication:  Rhetoric and Public Address.  I have taught Speech at the college level for nearly two decades.  And I have taught this workshop within companies and organizations.  The reason is simple:

Bad speakers make for inattentive people, and unproductive meetings and gatherings.

But good speakers help people pay much better attention to the speaker’s important message, to learn from the speaker, and then to better execute their next steps.

If it has been a while – maybe a long while – since you have taken a speech class, this could bring a valuable skill boost into your professional life.

Come join us. Click here to register.

(Note:  bring a group of 5, or more, and you receive a substantial discount per person.  Send me a direct e-mail to inquire about the group price).

What: Executive Public Speaking
When:  August 23, 8:30-4:30
Cost: $299.00
Where: Richardson Civic Center
(box lunch included)

Click here to register.

Click on image for full, printable view

Click on image for full, printable view

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