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Follett’s Century Trilogy is Wonderful Reading

I feel I really accomplished something!  I finished the third volume in Ken Follett’s Century trilogy.

These were WONDERFUL books, tracing five families through three generations, beginning in Europe and ending in America.

Why an accomplishment you ask?  Book  1- FALL OF GIANTS (960 pages), Book 2 – WINTER OF THE WORLD (928 pages), and Book 3 – EDGE OF ETERNITY (1120 pages).   All these were published by Dutton in the UK, and  distributed through Penguin Books in America.

These are fast-paced books, with terrific dialogue, action, drama, fear, character development, sex, and everything else you can think of.  You can buy the entire set at one price.

I wish everyone could read these!

Ken Follett PictureFollett Book Covers