A great idea prompted by David Allen’s Getting Things Done

There is one line/one concept that jumps out at you from the seminal book Getting Things Done by David Allen.  It is this:

The highest performing people I know are those who have installed the best tricks in their lives.

A trick is a little thing that you actually do to remind you what you have to do to get something done.  You know, like putting everything in your briefcase that you need the next day, and then you put the briefcase in front of the door before you go to sleep.

Well, years ago, I was told of just such a trick.  I really don’t remember where I heard it.  (I have a vague memory that I heard it at a time management seminar put on by Time Design.  But I could be wrong).  I told this trick at a recent Take Your Brain to Lunch, where I presented my synopsis of Getting Things Done.  Doug Caldwell has excerpted that portion of the presentation into a brief video.  (Thanks Doug).  It involves a piece of paper, and the names of the four people you most often interact with.  I think it is worth a few minutes of your time.  Take a look.

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