A Book That Packs Surprises in Several Ways

The United States has long moved away from being a manufacturing-oriented society toward one that is knowledge-based and service-oriented.   Most of the manufacturing work that employees performed with their hands has now been replaced by machines and technology.

In the book that I will present on Friday, April 2 at the First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas, author Matthew B. Crawford provides a unique perspective on the value of doing work the old-fashioned way:  with your hands.

The book, Shop Class as Soulcraft:  An Inquiry into the Value of Work, published by Penguin Press, is quite a surprise coming from this author’s background.  He holds a Ph.D. in political philosphy from the University of Chicago.  His greatest interest, however, is running his independent motorcycle shop, Shockoe Moto, in Richmond, Virginia.  You will have to admit that is quite an interesting combination.

Even more surprising is where you find this book.  Despite its title that includes “work,” you will not locate it in the business section of the bookstore.  I found it in the philosophy section.  That is consistent with the author’s background, but not with the subject matter.  Make no mistake about it – this is a business book.

You will find yourself questioning the worth of turning everyone into a “knowledge worker,” which he claims comes from a misguided separation of thinking from doing, and from working with the hands from the mind.

Perhaps from a throwback perspective, you will find this refreshing.

Look for the summary soon at 15MinuteBusinessBooks.com.

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