Andrew Sullivan, Blogging Pioneer, Reaches 10 years of Blogging

As of tomorrow, Andrew Sullivan will have been blogging for 10 years.  His current home, The Daily Dish, is hosted by The Atlantic.  His output is way beyond human.  I  can barely keep up with Bob Morris on our own blog, and Andrew Sullivan makes Bob look like a weekend hobbyist.

Sullivan is a conservative, accused of going too far left, and always thoughtful.  (except for his crazy tangents, like those regarding beards…)

This blog is focused on business subjects – primarily thoughts that connect to and /or flow from business books and business authors.  But I read widely, and if you have never read Andrew Sullivan, you would find his column coming up to his 10th anniversary worth the read.  Just think – 10 years of blogging!  With substantial thoughts to share time and time and time again.  You simply have to admire that.

Many are praising him for the influence he had on them.  Check out a few here.  But, mainly, here’s his reflective column The View From My Window 2000 – 2010.

So, congratulations, Andrew.


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