Multipliers – Multiple Good & Useful Ideas; Now the Trailer!

Some books are filled with multiple key thoughts and concepts — many important and useful teachings and concepts and ideas.  Multipliers:  How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman (with Greg McKeown) is one such book.  The book is good.  The over-all concept is great.  And the implications just keep coming.

A Multiplier is a leader who actually makes people smarter, more effective.  A Diminsher is a person in a leadership position, but is not a true leader at all.  In fact, a Diminisher is the opposite of a leader.  Such a person shrinks the person’s, and the organization’s, capacity.

Bob Morris and I have both posted about ideas in, or prompted by, this book, in the following posts:

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and Bob’s review of the book:
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But I just discovered the book’s trailer on youtube.  (No, I have never seen a trailer for a book before.  Cool!).  It is quite creative, and absolutely worth a look.  In fact, the trailer is almost as good as the book!  So – take a look.

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