Constant Innovation – Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and the Path to Dominance

Constant innovation.  That is the unending mantra.  Constant innovation.

Quick – which two modern companies jump to mind when you hear that phrase?  Apple & Facebook.  They both ooze constant innovation.

And they are both run by people who are incredibly powerful/influential within their companies.  What they want, they get!  If Steve Jobs wants something in Apple, it happens. If Mark Zuckerberg wants something in Facebook, he gets it.

On the Daily Beast, How Zuckerberg Changed the World by David Kirkpatrick lists ten reasons why Zuckerberg deserves the Time Person of the Year Award.  The article is headed by a one word banner:  INNOVATION.  Here are two of the ten reasons.  They both speak to this constant innovation mantra.

Reason #5:
Zuckerberg, as CEO, has always had absolute and total control over the evolution of this stunningly successful operation. He controls three of five board seats, and thus cannot be dislodged or overruled. Facebook really is a reflection of his will and his vision.

Reason # 10:
Zuckerberg pushes Facebook to continually change and improve its product, and that has kept it growing and relevant. In April, the company dramatically extended its platform. In August, it created a new location-based service called “Facebook Places” which enables users to tell friends and businesses where they are. In November, it announced a radical new form of messaging which many experts believe will replace email for hundreds of millions. In addition, throughout the year it grew its “Facebook credits” product to become the primary way people spend money in games on the service. Credits could become a sort of global money inside the walls of Facebook. And a landmark Skype partnership announced in October could make the process of making a voice or video call dramatically easier—who needs to remember numbers when you will be able to just click on a name in your Facebook friend list?

Constantly make things better – constantly innovate.  Have enough power to make it happen.  This is the path to follow in this very modern, constantly changing era.

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