Kardashian Principle Book Could Be a Shameless Selection to Draw the Curious

Jeetendr Sehdev debuted a book on the Wall Street Journal business best-sellerKardashianCover list today at # 5 (April 1-2, p. C10).  If we ever present it at the First Friday Book Synopsis, it will be a shameless selection, only to draw a curious audience.  I do not find this, a priori, to be a strong selection for business aficionados.  Of course, I will admit, I haven’t read the book yet!

The book, The Kim Kardashian Principle:  Why Shameless Sells (and How to Do it Right) (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2017).

On Amazon.com, we read the following description:

“How do social media stars attract such obsessive attention-even more than the Hollywood A-list? And what can they teach us about making our own ideas, products and services break through? The world’s leading authority on celebrity branding, Jeetendr Sehdev, whom Variety calls “the best in the business,” tackles these questions head on.

“Sehdev shows why successful images today-the most famous being Kim Kardashian-are not photoshopped to perfection, but flawed, vulnerable, and in-your-face. This total transparency generates a level of authenticity and intimacy with audiences that traditional marketing tactics just can’t touch.

“The KIM KARDASHIAN PRINCIPLE reveals the people, products and brands that do it best-from YouTube sensations like Jenna Marbles to billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk-and proves why the old strategies aren’t working. After all, in a world where a big booty can break the internet, and the President-Elect is a reality TV star, self-obsession is a must-have. No posturing, no apologies, and no shying away from the spotlight.”

“THE KIM KARDASHIAN PRINCIPLE is a fresh, provocative and eye-opening guide to understanding why only the boldest and baddest ideas will survive-and how to make sure yours is one of them.”

If you have never heard of this author, join the club.  But, his credentials are impressive.  This was taken from his website – http://jeetendr.com/bio/: 


“Celebrity Branding Authority and Professor of Marketing at the University of
Southern California.  Prized in Hollywood and Madison Avenue for pioneering a scientific, research-based approach to quantity celebrity influence, Jeetendr has been critical to the success of countless brand launches from world-class copmanies.  Jeetendr’s groundbreaking research continues to disrupt the industry and make world news, as he exposes the power of YouTube celebrities to influence American teens, reveals Jay Z’s lack of authenticity among Millennials and unearths misconceptions of which celebrities best influence the multicultural audience.

“An in-demand speaker, Jeetendr is called on by broadcast networks such as The Today Show, CNN, Access Hollywood, Fox News and Bloomberg TV to provide expert insight on the world of high-gloss celebrity. He regularly pens opinion pieces for publications ranging from Adweek to Fast Company to The Guardian. A graduate of Oxford University and Harvard Business School, Jeetendr is a British national who resides in Los Angeles.”

I think it is interesting that the cover does not feature Kardashian.  So that you do not get mad at me, and never read my blog again, here she is.   I won’t pass judgment until I read the book.  But, I predict that you won’t see it at the First Friday Book Synopsis.


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