Book on Builder Personality Smashes into Prominence

HarvardBusinessReviewLogoOn June 6, the newest Harvard Business Review publication hit the shelves.  It is already in the top 20 in two sub-categories, and debuted at # 3 on the Wall Street Journal best-selling business books hardcover list today (June 17-18, p. C10). 

It is: Built for Growth:  How Builder BuiltforGrowthCoverPersonality Shapes Your Business, Your Team, and Your Ability to Win.

What is a builder personality?  The book covers four distinct types, all of which are characteristic of highly successful entrepreneurial personalities―the Driver, the Explorer, the Crusader, and the Captain. Each is motivated, makes decisions, manages, and leads their businesses differently.  You can even take a quiz to see which type you are, by visiting their website:

From the description:  “With assessments and tools, including a brief Builder Personality quiz and in-depth profiles of each builder type, Built for Growth is the ultimate guide for how to play to your strengths, complement and compensate for your gaps, and build a successful business―from startup to scale-up. Its vivid stories and practical advice show how you can unlock the potential of your builder personality to shape your business, your team, and your ability to win in the marketplace.”

The book is receiving strong reviews, largely based upon the strength of the two authors.   Here are their biographies, from

Chris Kuenne is a successful business builder, growth capital investor, andChris Kuenne member of Princeton University’s entrepreneurship faculty. He is the founder of Rosetta, a digital marketing firm sold in 2011 to Publicis Groupe, and the private equity firm Rosemark Capital. He is a frequent speaker to business and entrepreneurial audiences, including the Young Presidents’ Organization, CFO Roundtable, Association for Corporate Growth, and numerous venture capital and industry conferences.

JohnDannerPictureJohn Danner is a senior fellow at the University of California Berkeley’s Institute for Business Innovation and serves on the faculty of both the Haas School of Business and Princeton University. An experienced entrepreneur and business adviser, he anchors executive leadership courses globally. He speaks widely on innovation, strategy, and entrepreneurship, keynoting corporate events and premier international conferences, and his work is frequently cited in major business media. He is the coauthor of The Other “F” Word: How Smart Leaders, Teams, and Entrepreneurs Put Failure to Work.         

Please continue to monitor our blog to see if we select this book for presentation at the First Friday Book Synopsis.   That decision will largely depend upon how well it continues to perform on the major best-selling business book lists.  It is certainly off to a very strong start.                      

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