Remote Learning 101 – Read this before attending your learning session

(Note: For only the second time in our history, we are cancelling our monthly First Friday Book Synopsis session.  The first time was due to an ice storm. This time, it is the coronavirus closings.
I will be experimenting with some remote learning possibilities.  I already have the first couple of sessions booked.  I plan to/hope to make some “available to all.”  This post is for those who “attend” such sessions.


You are participating in a Remote Learning Session.  This means that this is an opportunity to learn.  As a serious learner, you intend to learn.  Here are some quick and easy “Guidelines” for this session.

  • The simple and easy — Show up; Stay Put; Stay Focused.

#1 – Pretend you are in person. Turn off your phone. Watch, and listen.
#2 – Print out all materials, and follow along with pen in hand.
#3 – Practice good posture.  (Research says that the better your posture, the better you will pay attention).
#4 – Prepare your learning space.  Literally remove clutter; visual clutter; other-work-on-your-mind clutter.
#5 — Participate fully in any on-line discussion exercises.
#6 – Pull up the session on the largest screen at your disposal.  A tablet is better than a phone; a computer monitor is better than a tablet; a big-screen tv is better than a computer monitor.  The bigger the screen, the easier it is to focus on the material delivered.

  • The More Challenging
  • #1 – Have a conversation with another participant or two after the session is completed.  You know; like you would have at the beverage break at a conference.
  • #2 – Write up a brief (one-page) report with these post-session thoughts:
    • This is a summary of what I learned – my personal takeaways
    • This is what I think our organization should consider from what I learned in this session
    • Consider sharing this with fellow participants; maybe your boss/supervisor; other people on your team.

Here is the content of this post in a printable, shareable format.

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Click on image for full, printable view.

3 thoughts on “Remote Learning 101 – Read this before attending your learning session

  1. karl

    This week, I have used Facebook Live and Zoom, for meetings at BIND.

    I am also going to run a meeting for Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD) on April 6.

  2. Todd Rose

    Great tips, as always, Randy. I especially like the challenging items. They push everyone to grow and give to someone else! Application is the key to any learning!


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