An open letter from Randy Mayeux – about the January 7 First Friday Book Synopsis

An open letter from Randy Mayeux

December 29, 2021


I want to ask you to make an extra effort to attend the January 7 First Friday Book Synopsis; in person, if you can.

Though our event will be both in-person and on Zoom, for the foreseeable future (really; from now on…), if you are “local” and can attend, I ask you to make an extra effort to do so on January 7.

It’s not just a new year; it is a first-time-back during the pandemic era.  We have not met in person since March, 2020, and many of us are definitely ready to be back in person.

I have been vaccinated, and boosted, and am being careful, wearing a mask except when I eat and speak.  (I have to take my mask off when I am giving a talk; I just can’t pull it off with the breathing challenges).

Seth Godin wrote a few years ago that we get what we support.  If we believe in the value of a gathering or group, we have to support it by our participation, or it will go away.

We consistently filled the room at the First Friday Book Synopsis sessions before the pandemic hit.  It would be great if we could come back with a large group; to start (again) strong.

{And, of course, if you cannot attend in person, I welcome you on Zoom.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate in any conversations on Zoom, either before or after the synopsis presentations.  But, you will be able to see and hear each of the two synopsis presentations, and as I have been doing, I will e-mail you the handouts’ link the day before the event so that you can print them out.  And, I suspect, you will enjoy having conversations with each other.

You do not need to register for the Zoom session.  There is no cost: but you can participate financially, if you so choose.  Details in the link below}.

If you can attend in-person, click here to register and pay.

If you cannot attend in person, click here for all the details; including the Zoom info.

I hope to see you; either in-person, or over Zoom.

Happy New Year!

Randy Mayeux
First Friday Book Synopsis

When:  January 7, 7:00 – 8:20 am
(Note:  especially for Zoom participants; the presentations at about 7:30).
Where:  The Park City Club, Dallas (University Park) – (and, on Zoom)

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