If you don’t work on your business, guess what? – A blinding flash of the obvious! (with insight from Tony Fadell and Geoffrey Moore)

I have just finished my reading of the two books I will present at this Friday’s First Friday Book Synopsis, Build by Tony Fadell, and Zone to Win by Geoffrey Moore.July, 2022 FFBS

Tony Fadell has started businesses; failed at one or two; and sold one or two.  He was the lead designer on the iPod for Apple, and led the company that created the Nest Thermostat.  His book, Build, is a tutorial on the basics of business (and, plenty more).  Well-written, filled with engaging stories, and jam-packed with substance.

Zone to Win by Geoffrey Moore is a tutorial on how an established husiness had better prepare for the next challenge; especially the challenge of being disrupted.  And…they will be disrupted.

As I read these books, I realized (again) that companies and corporations and organizations have a huge problem:  they figure out what to do, and then they do it.  And they do not want to interrupt what they are doing to get ready for any other thing.  For anything else.  They are so busy!

This “I’m busy now,” doing the status quo work, is so all consuming – time consuming, intellect consuming, energy consuming, money consuming – that they can’t focus on other stuff.

In other words, they are so busy do doing the work of their work that they can’t think about their work in a big picture way.

And they are in denial about the threats lurking around the corner..

And…this can be costly; foolish; devastating.  It can, in the word highlighted by Thomas Siebel, an extinction event. (Digital Transformation: Survive and Thrive in an Era of Mass Extinction by Thomas M. Siebel).

The two books have a message in common:  you’d better be thinking about the big-picture issues about your business.  You ‘d better be working on your business, not just working in your business.

If you don’t, then…guess what?  Your trouble is deep indeed.


My synopses of these two books will be available for purchase soon on this web site.  I think you might find these two synopses to be worth your time.

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