Do you love books? It is a love worth cultivating! – (Reflections on a weekend with my brothers)

Do you love books?  It is a love worth cultivating!

Do you love to read?

Do you read to learn?  Do you read to enjoy?  Do you read to explore? Do you read to understand? Do you read to expand your thinking?

Do you love to read?

My older brother is a scientist.  A real PhD, led a government laboratory, conducted experiments for decades, scientist.  If you worked in range land issues, you would have seen his name in the academic literature.  He was an…expert.

He has fully retired from that life.  And now, he reads.  A lot.  Really widely.  He reads for himself.  (I mainly read, these days, to present what I learn to others).  He reads for the sheer enjoyment of reading.  And for the learning.

He reads so, so widely.  I envy that kind of leisure-paced reading.

We spent a weekend together.  I came home with a book about the CIA and double agents, a book that would have never crossed my radar.  You have to understand, I now read practically every book I read on my Kindle app.  Now, this physical book will be on my reading stack.

He told me of other books he is reading, or has recently read. He is revisiting David Halberstam’s The Best and the Brightest. — Yes, he read that for the first time plenty of years back.  And, by the way, I am a big Halberstam fan. — He reads history, and biography, and a few novels, and…

I downloaded the Kindle sample pages of about four books he put in my hands to look over.

I hope to get to some of them.  I would love to read them.  But I have all these books I have to read for my work.

I want to be careful how I say this, because I enjoyed my time with my other brothers also.  They are extremely interesting men.  One is a Colonel, U.S. Air Force Retired, and now flies around the country in his own plane, which he built from a kit of some kind.  He flies in formation with other similar planes at air shows.  I love hearing his stories.

My other brother is a business genius. I share my business book handouts with him. He likes them and shares them with others.  But, he doesn’t really need to read any of them, not really.  He is a business natural, and built a very successful company from scratch, sold it, and now coaches others.  Including me…

I love visiting with both of these brothers.

But my book reading brother is the one that just revs up my curiosity.  I come away from visiting with him wanting to read more books — many more books.

Years ago I found, and loved Roger Ebert’s article Books Do Furnish a Life.  I think it captured what I want to be…

My book-loving brother is the kind of book lover that inspires me…

Well, that was my weekend.  Oh, by the way, we went dove hunting (my second time in about five decades), and clay pigeon shooting.  Both of which provided great opportunities to add to our conversation time.

Non-stop conversation for a weekend.  Lots of eating.  And discussions of a wide array of books.  A nice weekend.

So…Do you love books?  It is a love worth cultivating!

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