A Learning Organization Has to Always Keep Teaching the Learners. So, Keep At It! – Keep reminding your team what is important!

In the coming days, at a conference for leaders, I am presenting two book synopses dealing with principles of servant leadership.

You would think that everybody has got that down by now. You would think…  But, of course, they don’t, do they?

Though plenty of people would say that they are believers in servant leadership, they seem to forget how to lead like a servant leader in the midst of the day-in and day-out demands of the job before them.

Call it the knowing-doing gap. 

Call it the short memory problem.

But, people/leaders forget what is important, and they have to be reminded all.the.time!

And, yes, that “they” very much includes me in that “they.”

I have presented synopses of business books for 25 full years.  Though I do learn some new things in many fine books, just as often, I have the sense that “I already read these ideas.”

On the one hand, we could argue that there is nothing new under the sun.

But, on the other hand, we could argue that people just have to be reminded over and over and over and over again.

Or, in the words of Verne Harnish, the leader has to repeat his/her messages so often that the folks begin “to mock” the leader!

So, here is a brief list of points to remember, to be reminded of:

Here are these points are in graphic form - click on image for full, printable view

Here are these points are in graphic form – click on image for full, printable view

  • Be Constantly Adapting And Innovating
  • Always Know, And Share, Your Why
  • Develop A Clear, Challenging Strategy
  • Lead Your People – Yes, As A Servant Leader
  • Build Your Teams – Then, Trust Your Team Members
  • Hire The Right Talent; Help Each Team Member Keep Developing His/Her Talent
  • Keep Everybody Aligned; On The Same Page
  • Communicate – In All Directions, With Honesty And Transparency
  • Execute Your Strategy
  • Measure Your Progress – Identify Your Deficiencies
  • Remove Your Bottlenecks

Oh… and don’t forget to always give serious attention to:

  • Having A Product Or Service That Is Useful To Offer To Others
  • Maintain Effective Business Processes
  • Always, Always, Always Focus On Marketing And Sales
  • Always Provide Super-Excellent Customer Service, And Focus On Customer Retention

You do have to keep working on this stuff all.the.time. People are forgetful .  New people come on board and need to be brought up to speed.  A learning organization has to always keep teaching the learners.  So, keep at it!

So, how is your organization doing?


By the way, I have presented book synopses dealing with each of these issues (and, a few more…).

These are available to purchase.  Each synopsis comes with the audio recording of my presentation, and the pdf of the synopsis handout. Academy-logo-02-2048x2048

Check out some of my bundles (bundled by category) at AcadmeyofLifelongLearning.com.

And, you can always see our most recent synopses by clicking here.

In addition, I am available to present extended versions of these synopses for leaders and teams in your organization.  I can deliver these presentations either in person or remotely.  Send me an e-mail, and let’s discuss the possibilities.

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