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A request: 

so many books; so little time

so many books; so little time

I wrote this in an e-mail as an orientation to new folks joining our e-mail list. (We’ve had quite a few joining our list lately). I realized that it might serve as a refresher to all for the First Friday Book Synopsis. Please read this — and if you know of others who would like to be on our e-mail list, please share this with them.  Thank you.

Randy Mayeux, First Friday Book Synopsis


This is an “orientation” into the First Friday Book Synopsis world. 

Please take a few minutes to read this; it will help you know what I provide through monthly learning experiences.

The people of the First Friday Book Synopsis have formed into a cultivated and gathered learning community of lifelong learners.  Participants agree that these book synopsis presentations provide genuine, substantive learning experiences.

Randy Mayeux has created tools of great value for these lifelong learners.  Over the 25+ years, Randy, and his past colleague Karl Krayer from the “earlier” years, have presented synopses of over 600 books. Yes, you read that correctly – over 600 books.

Randy has a deep belief that a deep dive into a good book is a genuinely effective way to learn.  And lifelong learning requires…learning.

#1 — The First Friday Book Synopsis; the First Friday of every month, 7:00 am: with synopses of two business books.

For 25+ years, the First Friday Book Synopsis has met every first Friday of the month — 7:00 am, Central time.  We meet in person at the Park City Club in Dallas, and we also stream the sessions live over Zoom.  (Thanks, pandemic!).

Randy presents two synopses of useful, substantive business books, at each of these gatherings.  In the first number of years, Randy Mayeux and Karl Krayer each presented one book; but after Karl suffered a stroke a few years ago, Randy has been presenting both books each month.

(The synopses presentations actually begin at about 7:25).

To register for the in-person gathering, you will receive some e-mail reminders each month with links to the Eventbrite registration.  But, you can also always register from our home page by clicking here:

There is no registration required for Zoom participation.  Just show up on Zoom!

Special note:  the Zoom participants stay on for some time after the presentations are concluded, discussing the books and the implications of the lessons gleaned.  Many people are quite devoted to these after-session conversations.  The conversations are all participant-led.

#2 — The Urban Engagement Book Club; the third Thursday of every month, noon: with a synopsis of one book dealing with issues of social justice.

In addition to books dealing with issues of business at the First Friday Book Synopsis, for close to two decades, Randy Mayeux has presented an extended synopsis of a book dealing with issues of social justice each month at the Urban Engagement Book Club, sponsored by CitySquare.  These books cover such topics as race, poverty, homelessness, hunger, and related issues.

If you are involved in the nonprofit-serving world, or if you just interested in learning more about the human needs all around us, these presentations can be helpful.

(These presentations begin at about 12:30).

#3 – Audio recordings + handouts of earlier synopses.

We record the synopsis presentations (audio recordings).  These First Friday Book Synopses are available through two websites:

First, at 15minutebusinessbooks.comClick here for our latest offerings.

In addition, Randy has bundled some key synopses together by category at his companion site,

Most of his past presentations are available.  These include practically all for the best-selling business books of the last 20+ years.  You will find books by Jim Collins, Brené Brown, Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Katty Kay & Claire Shipman.  You will also find some of the books honored as the “Business Book of the Year,”such as Rise of the Robots and Invisible Women.  And so, so many more…

#4 – And…check out Randy’s blog. 

Randy blogs regularly about the books he presents, and related subjects.  Click here to visit his blog.


A few more words of orientation.

You do not need to read the books before attending. Randy’s synopses are thorough; comprehensive.  (Of course, many end up purchasing some of the books, and reading them for themselves).  But, after Randy’s synopsis, you will be informed enough about the key content that you really will be able to discuss the ideas of the books.

• About the synopsis handouts:

Randy’s presentations are handout intensive.  He creates a comprehensive, multi-page handout for each synopsis he presents. These are provided as physical copies at the live events.  If you attend on Zoom, I strongly encourage you to print the handouts out in advance, and follow along as Randy speaks.  He e-mails the handouts out to all the day before the First Friday Book Synopsis, and the morning of the Urban Engagement Book Club.

Scroll down and look at the slide that describes the key section of the handouts.  (Note:  in the earlier years, I had not yet developed all of these sections).

• About cost: 

The First Friday Book Synopsis costs $39.00 to attend in person. And – and I am not overstating – it includes a fabulous buffet breakfast from the Park City Club.

The First Friday Book Synopsis is free over Zoom.  And, there is no charge to download the handouts.  Many people seem to download the handouts, and read them, without being able to attend even the Zoom session.

BUT…I would welcome a donation for those who participate remotely, or simply download the handouts for their own use.  I have always suggested $12.00 per month.  Others donate larger amounts.  There is always a link to donate in the e-mails.

There is no cost for the Urban Engagement Book Club We do encourage participants to make a donation to CitySquare, which serves the needs of the poor in many ways, starting with their incredible food pantry, along with so many other services they provide. From their web site: CitySquare fights the causes & effects of poverty through service, advocacy & friendship.

• But wait…there’s more…

Randy speaks in person, and remotely, to teams and large groups in organizations.  He has a number of keynote presentations, but most often, he presents extended versions of his book synopses.

Send Randy an e-mail to inquire about such presentations in your organization. 

Scroll down for a short introductory video from Randy about the First Friday Book Synopsis.

I hope you can join us for some of our events.  And, thank you for your interest.

Randy Mayeux, First Friday Book Synopsis 

• PS:  Please invite others to join in. On our home page, there is a “sign up for our e-mail list” box.  Here’s the link:

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Click on image for full view



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