On the SECOND FRIDAY OF JULY, the July 12 First Friday Book Synopsis – Team: Getting Things Done with Others by David Allen, and Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Sharpen Your Edge: Learn From Top Business Minds — at the First Friday Book Synopsis


FFBS, for 7,24

FFBS, 7,12





“My synopses are almost like getting your whole team to read a book together, which enables your own conversation on how to implement the key lessons from the book. Lifelong learning in real time.” – Randy Mayeux


For July only – because of the July 4 holiday weekend , we will be meeting on the SECOND FRIODAY OF JULY


Book Lovers & Lifelong Learners, Join us for two good books: for the July 12, 2024 First Friday Book Synopsis


Come to learn; AND make some great connections!

IN OUR 27th Year! — Over 625 books presented – and counting!

WHAT:  The First Friday Book Synopsis

WHEN:  NOTE:  THE SECOND FRIDAY OF JULY — Friday, July 12, 7:00 am (presentations begin at 7:25 am)

WHERE:  The Park City Club, Dallas AND streaming live on Zoom

Park City Club, 5956 Sherry Lane, Suite 1700, Dallas, TX 75225

Click here to register for the in-person gathering at the wonderful Park City Club in Dallas.

AND…here is the ZOOM Info:

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Meeting ID: 832 8020 8373

Passcode: 445289


Every month since April 1998, we have presented synopses of two good business books at the First Friday Book Synopsis, in Dallas.  Now a hybrid event (both in-person at the Park City Cluband on Zoom), it is a true learning event.


The two books selected for July 12 are:

1. Team: Getting Things Done with Others by David Allen and Edward Lamont.

2. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves (Patrick Lencioni, Foreword).

Come join us!

Friday, July 12, 2024 – Park City Club (and Zoom) — 7:00 am Central Time — (program begins at 7:25 am)

At the First Friday Book Synopsis, we make each month’s session a genuine learning event.  You learn from the best business books, and then it is up to you to put into practice the things you learn.

Click here to register for the in-person session.  (Zoom info is below).


In our 27th YEAR of the First Friday Book Synopsis

Randy Mayeux provides thorough synopses of the content of useful, best-selling business books. He provides a comprehensive, multi-page synopsis handout, that concludes with his own lessons and takeaways from each book he presents.

“I love good books; and I read books
And share their core concepts
To help people become more literate
And know what to work on
To do a better job
To build a better company
And, ultimately, to build a better life.”
Randy Mayeux

July 12, 2024 – Park City Club; and on Zoom 

What to expect:

Two fast-paced synopsis presentations.

For each synopsis , we prepare a comprehensive and thorough multi-page synopsis handout.

For In-person participants, you will be given copies of the two synopsis handouts.  For those attending remotely, you will receive a synopsis handout to download for each of the two books, delivered the day before the event, via e-mail (and, available on this blog).

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ THE BOOKS IN ADVANCE! – No pre-reading of the books required!

If you are like many, you do not have time to read all of the books you would like to read. The First Friday Book Synopsis is designed for you.

Our synopses are comprehensive, thorough, and they will give you plenty of the key content from each book. You will learn, and be able to ponder the ideas in a useful way. And, even if you have read the book, my synopsis will help you remember more of what you read.

I hope you can join us.

For in-person participants: click here to register for in-person attendance.

For remote participants:
The cost of this remote meeting is “free.”
But, if you would like to contribute to participate, Randy would welcome you to send $12-$15 directly to him through PayPal. Click here for a direct link to “donate” through PayPal.

For remote participants, here is the Zoom info.  The Zoom meeting requires no registration.

Randy Mayeux is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Visit our web site where you can purchase past synopses, with audio recordings + synopsis handouts, at: 15minutebusinessbooks.com

For our most recent synopses, click here.

Purchase past synopses bundled in categories, each with audio recordings and synopsis handouts, at our other site; academyoflifelonglearning.com.

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