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Book Synopsis Ownership Transition Will Be Seamless

Friday, April 7 marks the beginning of our 20th year to present the First Friday Book Synopsis.  I am very grateful for the many regulars who have supported our event by your attendance each month, and especially, for the wonderful word-of-mouth marketing to invite friends and colleagues.

20 years is enough in one job.  It is time to move on.

To that end, Friday will be the last synopsis that is owned and sponsored by RandyFFBSCoverPictureCreative Communication Network.  I have decided to sell the components of this event to my partner, Randy Mayeux, who has established a business with the First Friday Book Synopsis trademark.  The sale also includes the assets and content of the 15MinuteBusinessBooks.com site. All of the legal and accounting processes are now being finalized to bring the sale to its proper conclusion.

This will be a seamless transition.  As a participant, you will notice nothing, other than several branding modifications that Randy will institute to replace the Creative Communication Network presence.  While I will no longer introduce or conclude the event, I will still be the lead presenter of a synopsis each month.  I will still contribute original blog posts to our website.   I am still available to join Randy at on-site opportunities.  We will still be at the same location.  You will be greeted by the same team at registration.  The materials you receive will be of the same quality.  The pricing, for now, will not change.

This is the correct decision to make.  When you lose enthusiasm for managing an endeavor, the right thing to do is to replace yourself with someone who has the proper enthusiasm.  That person is Randy Mayeux.  He loves reading, talking about, and presenting synopses of all types of books.  He has a vision for the event that not only inspires himself, but that will also transfer to all who take advantage of the proceedings each month.

Please congratulate Randy on his decision to accept the management and ownership responsibilities of the First Friday Book Synopsis.

With all good luck, we will start our 40th year, just 20 years from now.

Spiritual Resource for Defeating Anxiety

There are so many resources available about how to reduce stress and manage anxiety.  Sometimes, we forget that there is a spiritual resource available to us as well.

I invite you to read the newest blog posts written about this subject from a spiritual perspective by one of our part-time speakers at Creative Communication Network,  Carmen Coreas.   You can find her post about DEFEATING ANXIETY  by clicking HERE, or by pasting this link into your browser:

She writes a spiritual blog on a variety of topics that you can access HERE, or by using this link:
After you read a few of her posts, it would be a great honor to her to become a subscriber.  CarmenTowerClubDinnerPictureCroppedYou will get an e-Mail notification every time she makes a post.  To subscribe, go to the very bottom of the blog, and at the bottom, you will see a box that says “Follow Blog via e-Mail.”  Click there, type in your e-Mail, and you are finished in just a moment after you register.  You will be on the list from that point forward.  This works on mobile devices as well as on PC’s and laptops.
If you have a spiritual orientation, I invite you to check out the posts she has made so far, about a number of daily issues. You can comment with your thoughts, as well.

Mark Cuban Led the Way in CEO Blogging

Books that  predict the future are interesting, although perhaps preparing for it, and creating it, usually provide greater returns.

Nevertheless, a new best-seller does just that.  Jeanne Meister and Karie Willyerd recently published an HR-focused book, The 2020 workplace:  How innovative companies attract, develop, and keep tomorrow’s employees today.  (New York: Harper, 2011).  I presented a synopsis of that book at the October First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas, and it is now available at 15MinuteBusinessBooks.com.

Among the many predictions in the book is # 7 – “Job requirements for CEO’s will include blogging.”  They state that:  “The level of authenticity and concern that can be communicated through a CEO-level blog can’t be matched by press releases or blogs written by the public relations department….Hearing the voice of the CEO through his or her own writing, when it feels authentic, helps foster trust in an organization” (p. 220).

They suggest there are three major styles of CEO blogging:  (1) deeply personal, (2) highly opinionated, and (3) product messaging.

If you live in the DFW area, you are well aware that the greatest example of the head guy being highly opinionated through blogs is right under your own nose.  Mark Cuban is the Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and popularized blogs before, during, and after his team’s basketball games.  You could read his views on his players, the action, and his favorite target, the referees.

These blogs were highly popular, some of which demonstrate the problems associated with putting opinions in print.  A number of the blogs led to huge fines imposed by the NBA, especially those that criticized referees.  Ironically, in 2008, Cuban banned blogging from the Mavericks’ locker room.  According to Deadspin:  “Mark Cuban dislikes bloggers who aren’t him.”

None of that matters.  I think that Cuban led the way.  His blogging is highly visible. controversial, provocative, and interesting.  Go to a game, concert, or even corporate meeting, and see how many people have at least one cell phone or other mobile device in their hand.  Some are texting, some are sending e-mail, but some are also blogging.  Cuban was the first of his type to do this.

And, if you believe this new best-seller, Cuban was ahead of his time.

What do you think?  Let’s talk about this really soon!