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2500 Blog Posts – and Just Getting Started

Talent is a resource, an asset, not a title or position. Most knowledge transfers in any workplace occur informally during interactions between and among those involved. To varying degree, each person should be both a “teacher” and a “student.” That is why this book can be immensely valuable to those who have supervisory responsibilities as well as to those entrusted to their care.

These are the final words in the blog post The Talent Masters: A book review by Bob Morris, posted on Sunday, January 23.  And this blog post is the one that took us to quite a milestone – our 2500th blog post.

If you follow the blogging world at all, you know that there are lots of orphans out there in the blogosphere.  So many people started blogs, and then abandoned them after just a handful of posts.  Many others set up a web site, put up a “blog” tab, intending to post regularly – and never quite got started.

Not us.  We have a blogging team.  Other members of our team post articles on this blog occasionally. I average more than one blog post a day.

But Bob Morris – there are days when I think he writes a post an hour.  He provides an ongoing, constantly updated business (and life) education on this blog.  So it was more than fitting that his post was number 2500.

Of course, this blog is for you, the readers.  I hope you find the same help and encouragement and challenge here that I find.

Thanks to our entire blogging team, for making it the success that it is.

And thanks especially to you, our readers.