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Here’s A Useful Way To Catch Up On Blog Posts (Inc. Reviews & Interviews) from Bob Morris You Might Have Missed

It does not take long to fall behind in your reading.

Bob Morris

One place to fall behind is with the writings of the prolific Bob Morris.  Bob has been our blogging team colleague since our blog became a genuine blog.  I do not know anyone who reads as much as he does – and he remembers what he reads!  He has become an important business resource for so very many of his reader, including me.

Seth Godin calls Bob a critic that matters, and just today Heidi Grant Halvorson called him simply: “noted business book blogger and Amazon Top 50 Reviewer.”  His has gained the respect, and trust, of a long list of important, and valuable, business book authors.

So, if you are like me, you wish you could read every one of his blog posts.  I try to…  but I fall behind.  As, I suspect, you do.  And then, there are some who have just recently discovered Bob, so there is a lot of “older material” worth discovering.

So you wonder:  “Can I find his book reviews, and his interviews, in one place, without just scrolling through the archives?” 

I’ve got good news.  The answer is yes.  On his own blog, BobMorris.biz, Bob has tabs for his book reviews, his interviews with scores of authors, and other valuable content.  But it is especially valuable for this:  say you wonder if Bob has reviewed a specific book, or interviewed a specific author.  Here is the fastest way to answer this question, and find what you are looking for.

So, here are your links.

Click here for Bob’s web site.

Click here for the book reviews on his web site.  (arranged alphabetically, by book title)

Click here for interviews on his website (arranged alphabetically, by last name of the person interviewed)

No, these lists are not yet exhaustive.  (Bob has reviewed over 2,000 books over the last few years!).  But they are a great starting place.

We are so appreciative that Bob shares his reviews and interviews and other offerings here on our blog.  And, of course, I invite you to browse through our archives to find what you might have missed from Bob.  But when you want to “catch up,” or just browse through specific types of offerings from Bob, follow the links above.  You will find them valuable, useful – a business education goldmine just a click or two away.

A too-Distracted Generation?

In my speech classes (I teach at one of the community colleges), the first assignment I make each semester is to read a book and prepare a written and oral review.  (No surprise there!).   Recently,  a student told me that he had never read a book in one focused period of time before.  It truly is a multi-tasking, focus-changing, distracted, ADD world we live in.

So I read with interest this short piece on one of the New York Times blogs:  there is one place left where people are reading books.  It is on the subway cars in New York City.  There are too many dead spots, I assume, so books (and magazines) are the reading matter of choice.  Here’s a taste:

Americans seem to be doing less recreational reading these days, spending time instead watching television, surfing the Web, sending text messages and talking on cellphones. But one place where a vibrant culture of reading remains strong — to some extent out of necessity — is the New York City subway.

Underground, separated from Internet and cellphone connections, straphangers still reach for dog-eared novels, carefully folded newspapers and all manner of magazines (and scripts and Bibles and self-help books).

If you were cut off from the internet and the cellphone, what would you read?