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Hide Your Kindle Inside a “Real Book” – just fyi…

Rob Walker is the author of Buying In, and writes for murketing.com, the New York Times, and has contributed to a few books.  He introduced the concept of “murketing.”  From the Amazon page about his book:

Walker takes a close look at past and present consumerism in the United States, positing that older forms of advertising are no longer successful. In their place, the trend has shifted to what the author calls “murketing,” a mix of “murky” and “marketing.” He argues that instead of being manipulated by marketing, consumers are using it to their advantage; and instead of being shaped by products, consumers are using them to express individual identity and social outlook.

But…  this may be just the ultimate sign of the times…

Hide your Kindle e-Book inside a real book

Love your Kindle but miss the feel of holding a real book?
Do you get a kick out of seeing objects being used in a way other than their intended purpose?
Then I bet you’ll enjoy carrying your Kindle hidden inside a book.
This hardcover copy of “Buying In” by Rob Walker has been sealed and cut by hand to fit Amazon’s Kindle 6″ Wireless Reading Device.
(Please note that the Amazon Kindle seen in the picture is NOT included.)
This is an official “Don’t Judge Me” piece. You can see more at:

Before you open

Kindle on the inside