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Trump Book in a Free-Fall

If you read my blog post on Sunday about Ivanka Trump‘s best-seller, Women Who Work, you are aware that it debuted at # 1 on the Wall Street Journal business list.

You can read my post by clicking here.

I reported that it was # 253 in total book sales on Amazon.com.  In less than two days, the book is acting like a rock sinking to the bottom of the ocean.  As of this writing, it is now at # 699 in total books, but is still in the top ten of two sub-categories.

I will be interested to see if the book goes completely OFF the list this weekend.  Can a book that enters at # 1 be so bad that it is no longer even a substantial seller just one week later?

Let’s find out on Saturday.

Terrible Trump Book Busts Best-Seller List at # 1


Ivanka Trump‘s new book,  torched its way to the very top of the Wall Street Journal business best-seller list (May 13-14, 2017, p. C12).  It is the first time that I ever remember a book debuting on the list at #1. 

The book is entitled Women Who Work:  Rewriting the Rules for Success (New York:  Portfolio).  It was released on May 2.

As of this writing, it is # 253 on the Amazon.com all-books sold list, and in the top 20 in three sub-categories.  Of interest is that it is also # 9 on the Wall Street Journal non-fiction best-seller list.

The book is receiving scathing critical reviews.  You can read a summary of these from the Huffington Post, written by Katherine Brooks, whose by-line reads, “It’s been described as “witless,” “insufferable,” “vapid,” and “very vapid.””  

Click here to read the entire article referred to above.

Even though this is a best-seller, you can be assured that we will not present it at the First Friday Book Synopsis.  My prediction is that it will be off  the list, from # 1 to beyond # 10, within two weeks.