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Will Book Lovers Have To Adjust To E-Versions To Satiate Their Love? – It’s Complicated

It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.
Yogi Berra

I wrote about this in a comment on my post, “What Three Books Should I Load On My Kindle For My Cruise?,” but let me add to that comment.

I think that it is inevitable that e-books will drastically impact the sale of physical books.  But, for now, I think that maybe there are simply more total books being sold overall because of e-books.

The article that has generated this round of conversation is this one, from the N Y Times, E-Books Top Hardcovers at Amazon by Claire Cain Miller:

Book lovers mourning the demise of hardcover books with their heft and their musty smell need a reality check, said Mike Shatzkin, founder and chief executive of the Idea Logical Company, which advises book publishers on digital change. “This was a day that was going to come, a day that had to come,” he said. He predicts that within a decade, fewer than 25 percent of all books sold will be print versions.
The shift at Amazon is “astonishing when you consider that we’ve been selling hardcover books for 15 years, and Kindle books for 33 months,” the chief executive, Jeffrey P. Bezos, said in a statement.
Still, the hardcover book is far from extinct. Industrywide sales are up 22 percent this year, according to the American Publishers Association.
Amazon is being helped by an explosion in e-book sales across the board. According to the Association of American Publishers, e-book sales have quadrupled this year through May.

The numbers are undeniable.  The sale of e-books are rising faster than many could have expected.  Notice that key phrase: Still, the hardcover book is far from extinct. Industry wide sales are up 22 percent this year… It appears that e-books are booming, but physical book sales are also quite healthy at the moment.

So what will happen?  Remembering Yogi Berra’s warning (see above), here’s my two cents worth:  physical books will be around a long while, maybe forever.  But ultimately, the overall sales will significantly tilt toward the e-books.  I think it is inevitable.  And the accelerated pace is evidence that such sales are ramping up very, very quickly.