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VISTAGE to Sponsor April FFBS – Free Bonus Program

From Jim Brewer, whose organization, VISTAGE, is the monthly sponsor for the April First Friday Book Synopsis

It is my pleasure to be the sponsor this month. Twenty years! It seems like only yesterday when Karl and Randy started this event.
I believe you are part of one of finest gatherings of business professionals in the DFW area. You are committed to new ideas, breakthrough processes, and having thoughtful dialogue about how to make our businesses and our lives better.
I would like to make a special invitation to each of you to stay for the one hour breakout after the session.  We will share with you a snapshot of why over 21,000 CEOs and business leaders participate in monthly Peer Advisory Groups and how this process differs from in-house skill development, consultants or private coaching.  From studies done in partnership with Dun and Bradstreet, we know it works.  Our members grow at two to three times greater than the average in their industries.  Perhaps more importantly, they build companies that last and are fun to work for.
Please respond to Randy or directly to myself so that we can accommodate everyone.  If you cannot stay, please feel free to drop me a note or give me a call.  I would be glad to get you information or spend time with you one on one.
Congratulations again to Randy and Karl!
All the best,
Jim Brewer
972.467.4463 mobile
“Make no small plans; for they lack the magic to stir one’s blood.”  
Daniel Burnham, Architect of the first skyscrapers and father of the 1893 World’s Fair