Reframing America’s Infrastructure: A Ruins to Renaissance Playbook by Marc Gravely – Here are my five lessons and takeaways

 {Infrastructure: the system of public works of a country, state, or region the resources (such as personnel, buildings, or equipment) required for an activity the underlying foundation or basic framework (as of a system or organization)} ——————– My point is simple: we live as dependents on a vast, interconnected web of roads, bridges and other Read More

The End of the World is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization by Peter Zeihan – Here are my six lessons and takeaways

The world of the past few decades has been the best it will ever be in our lifetime. Instead of cheap and better and faster, we’re rapidly transitioning into a world that’s pricier and worse and slower. Because the world—our world—is breaking apart. What you and your parents (and in some cases, grandparents) assumed as Read More

My synopsis of Once I Was You: A Memoir by Maria Hinojosa is Today, Thursday, September 15, 12:30 pm, over Zoom – Come Join Us – (And, here is my synopsis handout)

A special encouragement to attend today’s session, September 15, 2022, on Zoom. Today’s book, Once I Was You: A Memoir by Maria Hinojosa is a moving book, highly praised. Please join us. All details below. Randy ———— If you have an open lunch time window Today, Thursday, September 15, 12:30 pm (CST), I am presenting my synopsis of: Read More

Lifelong Learning…STARTS NOW! – Learning from the Best Books as a Lifelong Discipline

Last night, I spoke to the Young Executives, a part of Success North Dallas.  My topic was: Lifelong Learning…STARTS NOW! — Learning from the Best Books as a Lifelong Discipline This is a good group, with motivated and engaged learners.  Here is an outline of what I shared. ———- Prelude #1 – yes, it does start NOW We Read More